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Now you can capitalise on trading high impact news like never before...

(Yep, you read that correctly)

With the RedAlert™  EA by POW.

Interest rate hikes, inflation through the roof, threat of worldwide recessions...

There's never been a better time to capitalise on the opportunity trading volatility high impact news provides.

Without stressing over which way the markets are doing.

Without staring at charts.

Do it all hands free.

Do get RedAlert™ if...

  • You're fed up of either getting screwed on news events or sitting from the side lines missing out on the profit you 'could' have made.
  • You want to diversify various trading strategies to capitalise on all market conditions.
  • You're looking for solid data to execute too and with very little overall market exposure in terms of trading days.
  • ​You're wanting to trade on autopilot.
  • ​You're looking for easy back testing with few optimisations to get through.

Don't get RedAlert™ if... 

  • You're thinking you're going to win every trade -  you won't.  In fact you'll lose a lot that's because we're trading a very high risk to reward ratio to get the big moves!
  • ​You're expecting to never get slipped on price - slippage happens on news events.  It is what it is - factor it into your risk.  (Slippage is in all my results shown on this site here and there...)
  • ​You're expecting to pass every prop firm in 55 minutes - what I did isn't recommended at 1% risk per trade.  I suggest you trade much lower at the 0.25% region.
"The Red Alert EA is an absolute game changer if you want to take advantage of high impact news events. If you choose the right news events it's very easy to make anywhere from 1-3% on lower impact news and 8-10% on higher impact news. 

Not only does the EA work like it's supposed too, you also get pre-made set files that you can literally plug n play or use them as templates to find your own set files. It's all very simple to use.

For me personally, I've found 4-5 very big impact news events that will yield 1:20 RR ratio's and that's all I need to trade. Risking only 0.25% per trade keeps my risk small and my reward is huge! The community is also very helpful in sharing ideas and inputs on what helps their set files work well.

All in, Red Alert is worth the price of purchase because I could never trade these events manually and do them the way I want. Absolute game changer. Well done Darren and members of POW." 

Brett Munden, US.
What's the opportunity?

Instead of sitting on the side-lines looking at 'what you coulda won' now you you can be executing a strategy to capitalise on the increased movement and volatility high impact news events brings.

See the video below for the data in my set files and how that monthly profit for trading so very little trading days is definitely worth exploring.

The current issue...

Most traders don't really have a solid edge or strategy when trading news.
Its a total gamble, usually. Sometimes it works - most of the times it doesn't.
It's a stressful few minutes and a roll of the dice.

What makes RedAlert™ different?

A few things really.

Firstly, the EA is a simple strategy that's designed to capitalise on the volatility and market movement that comes at the time of news and specifically after too.  

Secondly, as with any algo - it's not just the tool that can help you.  What's equally if not more important - is actually knowing how to use it effectively.

I've demonstrated already with live trades and live news events across my social media and the videos above - that my testing process and execution works to ensure we get some predictability on the settings found in testing.

So, yes... It's a combination of the strategy and making sure you know the different ways to use it to get your results.  

I teach you all of this.

Why Now?

You've seen the state of the world right now?

Interest rate rises...
Jobs data...

These events are now wildly moving the markets which makes it a great time to capitalise on these moves.

So, continue to struggle and miss out - or get involved with our new strategy. 

Watch RedAlert™ in action below...

Watch the launch webinar here...

Here's What You Get When You Join RedAlert...

  • Access to the POW RedAlert™ EA to run up to 5 accounts at the same time FOREVER: You can change the account numbers whenever you like too.
  • Access to our RedAlert™ Set Files: 12 months worth of data and set files for all of the major news releases. 
  • Round the clock support: Just raise a support ticket and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.
  • Video Support: Learn how to QUICKLY back-test PROPERLY to find your own set files too with small optimisations anyone can do. Plus some more tips and tricks to help you capitalise. 

Got a question?  We've probably got you covered below...

What news events would we look to trade?
Review the data and settings we provide you with and plan which news events are coming up. There are 4 news releases we recommend you start with: CPI, JOLTS, NFP, PPI. These releases all shift the market substantially, enabling you to capitalise on the large moves straight away.
Which prop firms allow news trading?
Literally most of them do!  Even FTMO have a news rule with a few minutes restriction before and after - but if you chose a SWING account then there isn't such a rule.  Even if there was - we can set the EA up to trade x amount of minutes after news too with great results.  We will trade before the release and after usually. 
How much should I risk per trade?
It depends on a few factors really - how many strategies you're running at the same time, if it's your own capital or trading within prop firm drawdown rules, etc.  For Prop FIrms I prefer trading 0.25% a trade with numerous strategies trading together. 
Is it worth the money?
Well this is a lifetime payment for 5 accounts.   You've seen in the videos what it can do for just a handful of news events a month.  I think them potential returns make this an easy answer to the question. 
Do we provide set files?
Yes, I provide many set files following a robust testing process for them to start with to ensure we're likely to see 'predictability' in the set files for future releases.  Obviously, past performance doesn't guarantee the future - but a robust in sample and out of sample testing approach definitely increases your chances of success.  I also teach you how to do this yourself for this EA.
Do I need a super computer for testing?
No, the EA has very few inputs - for one strategy there's only 800-1000 optimisations to run through - so testing is a breeze. 
What about live funds?
Using the EA on live capital is a great idea because there's no specific restrictions in any form.  You could use varying money management strategies to compound the account - I teach this in the Video Library for this EA. 
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