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Dear forex trader,

After blowing many accounts over the last 14 years trading FX…

I can tell you the #1 thing most retail traders get wrong is RISK MANAGEMENT and playing the SHORT game over the LONG one.

Despite studying charts all day…

Staying up late for overnight markets…

Setting stop losses and take profits…

They’re always one step behind… because they don’t know how to risk the right amount per trade...

Nor rationally accept probability.

But what if you had an easy way to calculate risk?

So you can avoid blowing your cash and undoing all your previous wins?

You could drastically increase your odds of success overnight…

Pass prop challenges and secure funding…

And compound gains to earn an extra $130,000 or more over the next 12 months by compounding your profits at a steady rate of 2-4% a month.

That might sound too good to be true…

But that’s EXACTLY what my risk calculator can help you do.

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Access to my personal FX trading calculator – this one plug-and-play spreadsheet can show you the secret to compounding your profits.

Imagine trading like a casino, where the game is rigged in YOUR favour – I’ll reveal what you need to know to get a probabilistic mindset and how you can use this calculator to do it!

FREE training video that show exactly how to use the calculator step-by-step – short, sharp and straight to the point… without the usual fluff or BS!

How to use this to scale your prop trading profits into your own live capital – so you can stop relying on prop firms forever and unlock the keys to your own long term success and freedom!

Why knowing how to use this will make you a better trader – this calc will COMPLETELY transform your mindset and understanding of how to profit over the long term!

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When you access my personal risk calculator, you won’t just completely change the way you manage risk forever.

You’ll also uncover how to scale your prop firm profits into live capital and generate $133,000 in 12 months!  
Gimme access to the calculator & trainingthat reveals my pathway to $133,000 in 12 months