We can help you secure up to $3,600,000+ in funding in only a few days.
without you worrying about a thing.

We can guarantee your pass.  If something technical goes wrong we will send you a refund of our fee and pass it again for FREE of charge.  

From £333, for any account size.

So it costs the same to pass $10k as it does $1,000,000.

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Here's the proof

Here's the proof

Here’s our Guarantee

If we fail, we will:

1.) Refund our fee
2.) Retry again without any further charge.

How can you offer such a thing?

HFT Passes with these prop firms can not really fail unless server conditions change or there's a technical issue.

We've already helped traders secure over $200,000,000 using this service.

Please remember our fee is not including the evaluation fee.

Which Prop Firms?

The Prop Firms below allow HFT - as a community we've received withdrawals from all these prop firms - ensure you know the trading rules and do your own research.  

Our fee is the same price for ANY Account size.
  • Only Funds (Our own Prop Firm - Newly Launched) $600,000 available.
  • Next Step Funded - Any HFT Plan ($600,000 available)
  • Nova Funding -  ($400,000 available)
  • ​Quantec Trading - 1 STAGE or 2 STAGE (They offer up to $1,200,000 in funding)
  • Infinity Forex Funds (HFT or Algo) - $1,000,000+ funding available