Trade your Live funds via a Cent Account using our Banker EA with No Rules.

If you lose money we will cover your account up to $500.

We'll even give you the set files to do it.

What's the opportunity?

To help traders, just like you, become profitable.

In the most risk-free way possible.

Every little helps, right?

That extra assurance that if things don't go the way you want, POWs got your back.

The only cost to yourself is your initial trading deposit.

From there on out your 'risk free' in a sense...

IF you do lose money within the first 30 days - POW will cover whatever loss you may have - up to $500.

"'No Brainer", right?

Best scenario?

You make a load of profit, like I did flipping a $1000 account in 14 days and then going again.

Worst case scenario?

You don't get the results you'd hoped for and lose money.

But remember...

POW will cover the losses for you up to $500.

Visually the account won't be $1000 either...

It would be a CENT account - so $1000 is 100,000 cent.

So, you trade a 1k LIVE account... In a '100k funded account' style approach.

But with no rules.

No violations.

And all the profit is yours, whenever you want it.

What you need to do in 3 simple steps...


Click the link to our partnered broker 'PUPRIME' and create your cent account.


Once the account is verified and funded with a min $1000 deposit, hop over to the POW Discord Channel, open a support ticket and our team will set you up.


Set up the Banker EA with one of our Set Files or your own and 'Bob's your Uncle'.  Off you go.

The POW Promise™ 

It really is this simple.

Deposit 1k into a live cent account with our Partnered Broker.

Use our EA and one of the Set Files provided.

If you lose money in your first 30 days we will cover your loss with a cash payment back to you up to $500.

If before then you've made enough profit to cover your initial deposit - the guarantee is not valid, because that's the whole idea.  Your account is risk free now anyway.

Unfortunately, all of the countries below will not be able to participate in this programme.

Terms & Conditions

- Once the first trade is executed on the account, the 30-day guarantee period will then start.

- The maximum pay out if the account is in a loss within 30 days will be a maximum of $500.

- If at any point during the 30 days the account makes 100% profit, the POW guarantee is then void.

- Withdrawals from the account can be made at any point BUT if a withdrawal is made on the account within the first 30 days, the POW guarantee is void.

- Participants may only enter once, individuals who are found to have more than one account may not be liable for a pay out should a loss occur.

- The account must be funded with a minimum of $1000 (Or equivalent to your countries currency).

- Participants must have never had an account with PUPrime in the past for the POW guarantee to be valid.

- To qualify for the guarantee, the account must not be withdrawn from within the first 30-days. Even if a loss is made.

- If a loss is made, pay-outs for the money back guarantee will only be processed 30 calendar days after the first trade is placed. Pay-outs can take up to 5 days to be processed.

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