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Portfolio Builder/Finder - The Key To Our Results

February 27, 2024

If you’ve used an EA before and are familiar with backtesting, you’ll understand the struggle when it comes to filtering through thousands of results, combinations and finding set files that are robust enough for you to run in the live market.

This process can take hours - if not days - to complete and even after spending all that time you’re still left with the uncertainty of those set files being profitable over time.

Incredibly frustrating to say the least.

Especially when the whole point of using an EA is to free up time that you might spend looking at a chart, drawing technical analysis and trying to guess where the markets are going to go next.

Because no matter how good your EA is, you still have to go through this same process if you want to be a long term, profitable trader.

So, collectively as a group, we at POW decided that we needed to create something to make this process smoother and a whole lot easier.

  • We needed a tool that was going to save us time, stress and brain power.

  • We needed a tool that was going to help us run our backtests automatically - one after the other, so that we don’t waste precious time on the VPS.

  • We also needed a tool that would help us filter through the results and provide us with the most robust and profitable set files.

And thanks to our forward thinking and incredible community…

POW members were able to create an amazing product designed for this exact purpose.

Portfolio Builder.

This product is completely unique to us and it’s one of the reasons why our members are achieving such great results in 2024.

Just check out some of the withdrawals from POW members below...

It’s fair to say that there is quite literally nothing else like this out there on the market. 

What started off as a simple spreadsheet - has now developed into a fully functioning app that has COMPLETELY changed the game for our community.

We’ve even used AI to create a unique POW Scoring Method, which gives us the most robust settings due to the proportionality in back test profit, forward profit, the recovery factor and much more.

At the touch of a button we’re able to generate set files and build diversified portfolios, 

using multiple pairs and covering all market conditions.

And it doesn’t stop there…

Another incredible feature is our built in ‘Set Compare’.

What this enables us to do is look at each set individually, see the profit of each and every month, check the equity curves on a slick looking graph and even look at the drawdown peaks.

We can then combine multiple strategies together - totalling up the combined drawdown to ensure that they stay within our desired risk appetite.

Perfect for when trading with prop firms and navigating the strict rules that come with it.

Portfolio Builder is something we’re incredibly proud of and also reflects the power of our community.

If you want to see a more in depth walkthrough of Portfolio Builder, then simply click on the link below and prepare yourself to be amazed.

To your success,

The POW Team.

Click here to watch the Portfolio Builder walkthrough video