Now you can trade without spending hours on charts guessing.

With the proof it works unlike others.

Come and join our traders that are already doing it.

Progress. Overcome. Win.

  • No more guessing where the markets are going. Trade without the stress you currently feel.

  • Easy to follow both the entry & exit.

  • We even show you where to place your stop loss.

  • Get live back testing data in seconds, that's where you can see it works - giving you the confidence and belief you need to stay disciplined.

  • Lot size calculator so you can set the specific risk you need - fixed amount risk or %.

  • Works on all instruments.

  • Set alerts or use the ones in Discord - you can even automate it fully using third party tools.

  • Get the support from our team and the community.

  • Non repainting - what a load of rubbish those ones are.

  • Works on all devices (even your phone).

  • Our 'Banker' EA (its a trading robot) makes money 24/5

  • It runs itself using the code we have already programmed

  • Set it up then watch it trade automatically.

  • It runs in buys and sells at the same time, direction of the market doesn't matter.

  • Easy to set up, full video instructions and community support in our Discord server.

Does this sound familiar?

You daren’t look....

Your heart is racing....

Your palms are sweaty....

Your tummy is doing summersaults that an Olympic gymnast would get a gold medal for....

Its 3:21am and the first thing you think about is that trade that’s running. 


Is it going to fix all your worries or is this another account that’s going to blow?

You've only just nodded off after watching the trade all evening glaring at the screen, seeing the red drawdown get bigger and bigger.

You have been hoping it would turn around.

'If only I could just get out at entry now...'

You regret ever entering the trade with the lot size you did hoping to get the 'home run'.

Unlocking your phone, the blue light lights up the room like the Blackpool illuminations on a dark night.

Your pupils shrinking to a tiny dot....

Your heart beats faster as the MT4 screen loads up, it seems to take forever.

‘Oh f**k’.

The account's gone.


You take a deep breath and the realisation hits.

That ‘sure fire’ winning trade, humbling you in an instant wiping you out. 

Not again, you didn’t expect it to lose. 

It was a solid setup, even others agreed.

All you have ever wanted, was to see some extra consistent cash – a reward for all the money spent on courses, trading groups and hours spent doing your analysis each night trying to predict the future.


That’s only fair right?

I understand.

Maybe you want to survive Christmas and Birthdays and not feeling you are 'scraping by’.

Or you want to the quit the job you really hate because you want freedom – more time to see your kids grow up instead of living someone else's dream - at the mercy of others and being indispensable when your face stops fitting.

The trip to the Maldives you promised your better half now seems a mile away. 

Instead of a hut in the turquoise clear ocean, its funding another trading account on your credit card.

You may have done this once.  More than once. 


Or you are new to trading and this could be your future self. 

Either one, it doesn’t matter, you can change how this ends.

Truth is, trading is hard, it's not for everyone, even harder trying to keep up with the lifestyle posts from the social media scammers.

Problem is, that’s not real.

90% of traders don’t make money. 

That’s sobering for sure right?

What do the 10% do differently?

They have sensible expectations; they aren’t putting their hopes and dreams on one trade at a time...

They understand probability and risk – they know if they toss a coin 10 times, they could get 7 tails despite a 50% chance...

They have a plan that they flawlessly stick too...

Their priority is staying in the game and exploiting their small edge....

Understanding that over time their account will compound....

Trading doesn’t take over their life either, it just something that they do.

They spend less time looking at charts and screens and more time living....

They aren't waking up at 3:21am, they are sleeping like a baby not worrying about any open positions....

They have covered all bases.  They know their risk to the £ and are completely detached from the outcome of each trade.....

They know the tortoise beat the hare.

What's the point in trading for freedom, to be glued to a screen all day watching every move develop drawing pretty lines on a chart?


But you must stop trading chasing the money, your P/L flying up and down and your emotions matching it too.

Instead focus on your process.

You must trade mechanically, using discretion and subjectivity are posh words for guessing.

We do not guess.

We trade without fear, emotion or hope – how nice would that be for you?

If we can you can too.

But, nobody likes to hear their baby is ugly.

The realisation that you need to move on, the thinking and actions that got you here...won’t get you there.

The courses, all that analysis, all the guesswork – is not needed.

Not needed at all.

So, we created an edge for you - with all the proof you need.

You just need to follow it.


Why listen to me?

I have been trading for around 12 years and made all the mistakes you have made or are yet to make too. 

Go me. High five.

Truth is, it took me a while to take it seriously.

I was always focused on my career not really expecting or realising I could trade FT, until my view on life changed. 

Doing 60+ hour weeks for what?

Missing my kids grow up, praying for it to be Friday and hating Sunday evenings.

Knowing that Monday was about there, more b******t tomorrow.

So, I wanted to help others to stop them making the same mistakes I used to so they could quit their jobs like I did.


I want to see people progress.  I would love to be able to hear that someone told their boss to shove their job where the ‘sun doesn’t shine’ because I helped them get there.

I heard of a chap called Richard Dennis – and the ‘Turtle Trader Story’.

I thought, I could do that.

Create a trading strategy that’s rules based, that helps traders know where to enter AND where to exit.

Where to place their stop loss and how to manage their risk.

So, anyone could then trade.

BUT, more importantly something that I could PROOVE that worked. 

The industry is s**t.

Scammers everywhere sceptics everywhere (rightly so).  Not showing you the proof you need to see to stick at something.

Its OK to be sceptical. You have been caught out before and its taught you to be cautious.

As a trader you need full confidence and belief in your system.  Without it, the first sign of a losing run, and you’ll be hoping to the next trader on Instagram talking about there 94% win rate system, or their ‘£250 to £1m lockdown challenge’.

I made that last bit up, it was a £250-£5k challenge.  I don’t know anyone that made their £5k.

Instead, all for sure lost their £250.

The reality is all strategies have losing runs - that’s probability. 

BUT seeing the data on thousands of trades is going to help you understand this and stay disciplined in your approach, agreed?

Thing is, you want consistency, but you are a country mile from being consistent.

We can help you.

Have a read about how 'EDGE' and 'BANKER' can help you now.


Click the this link to enter out Discord server today.


The 10% of traders that do make money have a plan.

And they stick to it.



Please follow our trading view profile too and review our 'IDEAS' section for more supporting content using our strategy.

80.6% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Past performance is not a guarantee of future return, nor is it necessarily indicative of future performance. Keep in mind investing involves risk.

Trading Derivatives carries a level of risk to your capital and you should only trade with money you can afford to lose. Trading Derivatives may not be suitable for all investors, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved, and seek independent advice if necessary.

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